Gorillas & Gazelles LLC™ is a professional services company founded on the principles of leadership, entrepreneurship and organizational enhancement. We believe the first and most crucial step in satisfying these principles is by taking personal inventory that will lead to self actualization.

Our signature product, The Serengeti Assessment, analyzes an individual’s preferences and motivations as an indicator of their potential success in learning and working environments.

Gorillas & Gazelles LLC is the Founding Sponsor of the
Entrepreneurial & Business Excellence Hall of Fame. The EBE Hall of Fame is a recognition and awards program that supports entrepreneurship in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan region.
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About Our Services…
Gorillas & Gazelles LLC™ is a professional services company with four service divisions that bring expertise to corporate, middle-market and entrepreneurial clients, as well as professionals and career seekers. We also serve academic institutions, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.

Gorillas & Gazelles LLC’s Service Divisions:

  • Gazelle Assessment Services™ – Assessments for organizational and career enhancement
  • Gazelle Career Alignment Services™ – Recruiting services for employers and career exploration services for career seekers


The merging of two concepts…

GORILLA – Corporate Environment
We use the term “Gorilla” in two different contexts:

  • “Gorilla” emphasizes the characteristics of the Silverback Gorilla, an animal that leads by example and stays true to itself.
  • Corporations have been referred to in the business world as “Gorillas” because of their sheer size and tendency towards stability and traditional structure. Gorillas & Gazelles uses the term “Gorilla” in this context to describe an individual’s preference for working in a corporate environment; a characteristic measured in our Serengeti Assessment Process™.

GAZELLE – Entrepreneurial Environments
“Gazelle” is another term for a fast-growth company and was made popular by economist David Birch. A Gazelle, by Birch’s definition, is a business establishment with at least 20 percent increase in annual revenues over a period of four or five years.

  • “Gazelle” is the term used in our Serengeti Assessment Process to describe an individual’s preference for working in entrepreneurial or fast-growth environments.
  • This part of our name describes the focus Gorillas & Gazelles has to help individuals determine if they are fit to work in an entrepreneurial environment. Also, we help businesses to find, hire and retain the most qualified people based on the company's culture. We do this by assessing quality candidates that demonstrate the appropriate work environment capacity based on their motivations and preferences through our Serengeti Assessment Process™.

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