The Serengeti Assessment Process
Helping Individuals and Organizations Achieve a Greater Edge!

1.  the act of appraisal; evaluation. To submit oneself to an assessment is to take measurement or inventory of characteristic, traits and interests.

The Serengeti Assessment is a proprietary product of Gorillas & Gazelles. The assessment analyzes an individual’s preferences and motivations as an evaluation of their potential character in learning and working environments. The assessment is utilized by career seekers, organizations and students for the varying forms of career discovery, development and enhancement.

Businesses utilize the Serengeti Assessment as an additional tool in the
Hiring, Development, Deployment, and Benchmarking of their prospective and current employees.

College Students
College students and career seekers look to the Serengeti Assessment to provide a determination on whether they should pursue a Gorilla (Corporate) vs. Gazelle (Entrepreneurial) career path.

High School Students
High School Students take the Serengeti Assessment as they seek additional guidance on selecting a best fit college, correlating a course of study / major with a career, and identifying their unique learning style.

Many of us do not realize how difficult it is to objectively measure our own preferences and motivations. Even more difficult is the ability to synthesize our preferences and motivations into the right career decisions. The Serengeti Assessment can help you overcome these challenges by identifying the types of work and learning environment you are hard wired for.
Assessing all these factors before you make crucial personal and organizational decisions will set you on the RIGHT path to career success!

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