"The easy way to stand out among your competition"

According to a study conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the median years a person stays in one job is 4.1 years. That means on average, a person will have 7-10 jobs during the span of their lifetime.
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What are you doing to separate yourself from the competition to
obtain your dream job?

Gorillas & Gazelles’ Serengeti Assessment™ process is a powerful tool
for career seekers in all stages of the career life cycle!

The Serengeti Assessment Process can be an essential tool whether you are seeking to improve your performance and find greater opportunity in your current career, or distinguish yourself from the hoards of jobseekers you are competing against. Certifying through Gorillas & Gazelles’ Serengeti Assessment process shows that you have gone the extra mile to explore your career strengths and weaknesses, so that you can demonstrate optimal performance in your career!

  • Serengeti Gazelle Certification: Indicates a capacity and preference for entrepreneurial or fast-growth work environments

  • Serengeti Gorilla Certification: Indicates a capacity and preference for corporate work environments

Enroll in our Serengeti Assessments today so you can show employers just how much value you can bring to their company!



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