"Right Fit at the Right Place at the Right Time"

It’s a well documented fact that employee turnover can cost a company 30-50% of the annual salary of entry-level employees, 150% of middle level employees, and up to 400% for high level employees.

What are the ways that you ensure you are hiring, developing and retaining top performers within your company?

The Serengeti Assessment Process™ is the Best Assessment Resource for Your Organization!
The key to keeping the people who keep you in business is in the hiring and retention of star employees.

The Serengeti Assessment Process explores character type, learning and working environment preferences, as well as key personal orientation and motivations that can be directly linked to performance factors.

  • The Serengeti Assessment can be used as an additional tool for your company in the hiring, development, benchmarking and deployment of your prospective and current employees.

  • The Serengeti Assessment will provide your company or organizations leadership team with an increased awareness of the people, process and technology issues affecting management and staff level employees.

  • The Serengeti Assessment can offer understanding of individual and organization-wide barriers to success.

Companies and Organizations are only as good as the team of people that run it. Utilizing The Serengeti Assessment is a proactive way to pull the best out of your team by taking the steps to Assess, Develop and Deliver!



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