"Make the best decision the FIRST time"

It is very hard for a family to make all of the right decisions for their children to go to school. They know that making one wrong decision can cost a lot more than money and time. It is said that a college education can be the third highest financial decision a family can make. With that being said, families need to invest in resources to help their children in every way possible.

On average the average student will change their degree 4 times during their college career which in turn costs the student, family or whoever is paying 10's of thousands of dollars. That is at a state school. Private schools can cost much more.

Another well known statistic is that students seeking a Bachelor’s Degree from a 4-year college or university will complete that degree in 5.5 years.

Can you afford to spend extra time and money in college studying a field not meant for you?

Gorillas & Gazelles’ Serengeti Assessment™ process provides a deeper level of
self awareness to discover your best fit colleges, majors and careers!

The Serengeti Assessments for students is not a test! It’s a self inventory tool that can help to reveal your character traits, interests, and temperament. You can use these findings as you transition to the challenging college environment and the tumultuous business world.  

  • The Serengeti Assessment measures student’s preferences and motivation.

  • The Serengeti Assessment provides students with valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses, making them better able to decide on best fit colleges, majors and careers.

  • Upon completion of The Serengeti Assessment, students and parents have options to receive personalized and standardized materials that assist in their education and career enhancement process.


Why not equip yourself with as many tools as possible that can help you make informed, educated decisions that are true and authentic to the person you are now and the person you want to be? Being proactive in your own self discovery will save you and your family thousands of dollars in tutition and, more importantly, keep you steady on the career track you are destined to be on.


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