"The true success stories of our clients "

The following are testimonials, personal stories and opinions from employees, businesses, students and parents who have utilized our Serengeti Assessment services. It is easy enough for us to claim that our Assessment is a valuable tool, but we’d rather let you hear it from those who experience that first hand:

Business Client Testimonials

“G&G provided great service to us when we ran a pilot program with the Serengeti Assessment and also when we streamlined the tool into our regular development program.  SSOE Group has been using the Serengeti Assessments for about a year.  The tool helps our employees understand their motivations, their likes and dislikes, and what areas need improvement.  We have used other assessments in the past, but we like the level of detail and occupational information provided with the Serengeti.  The tool is appropriate for all levels of staff – from entry level to senior leadership.  We have been able to use the results for staff improvement, teambuilding, and succession planning.  I would recommend this assessment as a good addition to your development toolbox."
Lisa Behrendt, Matrix Technologies(Maumee, Ohio, USA)

"Gorillas & Gazelles assessment testing has saved us countless hours, dollars and frustrations in our hiring process. Their analysis is insightful and sometimes surprising in a positive, it is worth every dollar."
Tyler Horning, The Delp Company (Maumee, Ohio, USA)

Parent and Student Testimonials

"My experience with the Serengeti Assessments I & II has been extremely helpful to me in understanding my own personality and the natural skills that I can bring into the workplace. The additional insight they gave me on my assessments left me feeling energized and excited about the possible careers that could match my interests. The value that Gorillas & Gazelles brings to personality assessments is in their technical knowledge and their ability to apply that to a specific individual. I was really impressed by the whole experience.”
Ben Ulrich, George Fox University (Oregon, USA)

“I have two children that both took the assessments at the beginning of their senior year of high school.  Seeing the results of their assessments helped them to determine which career paths would be the best fit not only with their particular intellectual interests but also combining that with their passions.   Taking the assessments gave them the confidence to pursue their dreams rather than just “guessing” what career opportunities they thought they would like to pursue.  High school seniors are under enough stress with the decisions about what college to attend, how they will finance it, and what areas they want to study.  Taking the assessment was a perfect way to relieve one of the many issues that stresses they face their senior year.”
Shelly Krasa, parent of Toledo Christian High School Students

The Serengeti Assessment tool offered through Gorillas & Gazelles provided my daughter with the answers she was desperately searching for with respect to her selection of college courses and her career path.  As a freshman in college she was in the midst of the unknown and uncertain of her career choice and the course of action she should take in her college studies.  Daily, she was struggling with the “I don’t know what to do” syndrome.  I felt helpless.  
Soon after the results of the Serengeti were provided and discussed with Dan Boos in a 2-hour consultation, my daughter was not only certain of what it was she wanted to do, she couldn’t wait to get to her counselors office to schedule the classes.  She is now in her junior year and has whole-hearted decided to be a teacher.  Thank you Gorillas & Gazelles.  You were the perfect gift in her life when she needed it most.
Tracy Sallah, parent a of college junior

“As a father of a 17 year old son, my experience with the Serengeti Assessment through Gorillas and Gazelles was invaluable to me as a parent in gaining a better understanding of my son’s true personality and more importantly, the assessment provided insight into how his personality is wired into his inherent skills and abilities. For me, it is extremely helpful in being able to provide better guidance as he considers his choice of college and potential careers. I only wish the Serengeti assessment had been available to me when I was considering my choice of college and major. To know which careers complement one’s interest and inherent personality, would have been priceless. “
Jim Lindsay, parent of a St. Johns junior

“Cori was an overachiever in high school that was afraid of the next step in life, the college step.  Cori was not sure what she wanted to be or what she even wanted to do in the future.  She wanted to put her skills to the best use.
During Christmas her junior year in high school, her stress level began to climb as she began to visit college campuses.  We decided to give her a gift that would help guide her to make some of the tough choices.  We gave her a certificate for the Serengeti Assessment.  Cori was nervous about taking the assessment but the staff at Gorillas & Gazelles reassured Cori it involved questions to help analyze her personality, her strengths and her weaknesses.
When the assessment was completed, the Gorillas &Gazelles staff sat down to interpret the results to Cori.  They explained what the assessment showed as her strengths and her weaknesses.  The assessment presented fields of study that her strengths would do well in.  All these results helped Cori to select a major to concentrate on in college.
Cori is currently a freshman at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  She is studying International Business with a major in marketing.  Cori loves working with people and being a leader.  The assessment results demonstrated this.
Cori is not sure of what the future holds, but this assessment helped put her on a career path that she feels is right for her at this time.  This assessment eased Cori’s stress as she entered her college years.

High school students, college students, recent college graduates, seasoned professionals and career seekers of all ages can benefit from Serengeti Assessments!
Judi Zeiler, parent of a Perrysburg High School student

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